The young and single Indian girls are facing stigma everyday

From talking about sexual health to visiting gynaecologists

When you go to the clinic, lot of times we have heard stories that women were denied services. Doctors refused to serve them

The stigma could be life threatening

We at Health Over Stigma conducted a research, a survey talking to different unmarried women In New Delhi

The survey was conducted to understand what is the stigma that they face while accessing sexual and and reproductive health services

We realised that only 20% women know that abortion is legal in this country

I have been to remote parts of Bihar and UP and I know the girls have not gone out of their homes Why? Because of the stigma

The medical fraternity and especially doctors are a product of the society that we are in. So, they reflect the attitudes that they're grown up with

We want doctors, state health ministry to promise us that we'll not get judgemental services when we go and access what is just our basic human right

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