Ireland Test Cricket Debut

Image Source: The Independent

“Haar kar jeetne wale ko” Ireland “kehte hain”

Ireland won hearts but lost…

their first test match

After playing Pakistan, they became the 11th international test cricket team

And the first test team to debut in the last 17 years

Bangladesh was the previous team to debut in a test match on 10 November 2000

Afghanistan will soon be the 12th cricket team on 14th June by facing India in a test match

Image Source: International Cricket Council

The first team to debut in test were Australia and England in 1877

In their first test match, Ireland also made history with…

Image Source: Hindustan Times

Boyd Rankin becoming the 1st player to represent 2 teams in all 3 formats

Kevin O’Brien was the 4th batsman to score 100 in a team’s 1st Test

Ireland is now the 2nd team to have a 100+ stand in their inaugural test match

Will Afghanistan make history too?