Kerala is under flood fury, with incessant rains from the past seven days

Image Source: Times of India

Joseph Verghese

The flooding in the Southern State has claimed over 164 lives, displacing thousands, leaving many stuck

The state is losing electricity and drinkable water supply in many regions

Joseph Verghese

A Red Alert is issued in all 14 districts of the state

The state government is leaving no stone unturned to cope with the calamity

Image Source: The Independent

Shutters of all dams have been opened in the state, but the levels of water have not come down

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Completely submerged in water the Kochi Airport is shut until the 26th of August

Image Source: Times of India

The state is in dire need of help

Image Source: The Independent

Army personnel from Pune have been called to carry out evacuations

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The center had announced an amount of 100 crore rupees for the state, vs. the 8000 crore damage estimated

This amount is being called a mockery of people's pain

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The state had demanded 1000 crores for immediate relief measures

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An emotional appeal for donations has sparked a nationwide response

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This is what you can do to help