New Education Policy was launched on July 29, 2020

Image Source: IANS

The NEP 2020 aims at making “India a global knowledge superpower”

The new academic session will begin in September-October and the government aims to introduce the policy before the new session kicks in

Here are the key points of the new education policy 2020:


The mother tongue or local or regional language is to be the medium of instruction in all schools up to Class 5 (preferably till Class 8 and beyond), according to the policy

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The new school system will be a 5+3+3+4 formula instead of the current 10+2 followed across schools in India

Image Source: Abhishek Saha | ANI


Report cards will be a comprehensive report on skills and capabilities instead of just marks and statements


A dedicated unit for the purpose of orchestrating the building of digital infrastructure will be created to look after the e-education needs

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Board Examination will be low stakes, based on knowledge application

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There will be no hard separation among ‘curricular’, ‘extracurricular’, or ‘co-curricular’, among ‘arts’, ‘humanities’, and ‘sciences’, or between ‘vocational’ or ‘academic’ streams


The NEP also offers multiple exit options to students under which students will have the option to leave college whenever they want


There will be focus on making universities multi-disciplinary. This means that an institution will have to teach arts, science, social science, everything under one roof

"The New Education Policy is a long due and much awaited reform in the education sector which will transform millions of lives in the times to come" - Prime Minister Narendra Modi