Labour Day or International Workers' Day is observed each year on the first day of May

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Considering the crisis faced by the workers globally, the theme of International Labour Day or May Day 2020 is Coronavirus

This May Day is being observed in India’s amidst a migrant labour crisis

When the lockdown was first announced, migrants across the country set off to reach their hometowns in huge numbers

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The lockdown has impacted nearly 40 million internal migrants

Lockdowns, loss of employment, and social distancing prompted a chaotic and painful process of mass return for internal migrants in India

Lack of planning hit the country's poorest and most vulnerable citizens hard

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One of the incident was reported from Mumbai's Bandra West, where labourers gathered outside the railway station: no jobs, no money and no source of food

In Hyderabad around 150 migrant workers started their journey on foot to Palasa in Srikakulam of Andhra Pradesh

These informal workers are the backbone of the big city economy, constructing houses, among other things.

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When industries shut down overnight, many of them feared they would starve

Some state governments tried to facilitate buses, but these were quickly overrun

Recently, government has allowed migrants to go home according to new guidelines

The home ministry has asked the states to appoint nodal bodies and draw up protocols for the movement of stranded people.

The government has also allowed the migrant labourers in India to withdraw EPFO money advance