A masked mob brutally attacked students and teachers of JNU

Image Source: Instagram/BarkhaDutt

Attackers started entering the campus at around 8-8:30 pm

Their faces were covered and they entered the hostel

The students alleged that the attackers entered hostels and assaulted students and teachers

Image Source: Instagram/PinjraTod

They beat the students with big stones and sticks

Many students have been injured

Over 20 people, including JNU Students' Union president Aishe Ghosh, were injured

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Students were very scared and did not come out of their hostels

Their were no police or guards to protect us

Students alleged that Delhi Police remained like a "shameful bystander" when the mob attacked the students and teachers

After around 2 hours of violence, protestors across the city gathered outside Delhi Police Headquarters...

...to demonstrate against reported police inaction in and around the JNU campus.

Image Source: News18

Students of Mumbai also protested at the gateway of India in solidarity with JNU

Image Source: Twitter/MeghnadBose

Students in Bangalore also came out to protest

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