Life expectancy in this study is shown to reduce by 1.7 years in India which was earlier said to be 4 years

One out of 8 deaths in India could be attributed to air pollution

77% of India's population i.e about three quarters is exposed to population that is higher than the national standards

And that amounts to more than 12.4 lakh people dying annually due to high air pollution levels

This problem is more in states like Delhi, UP, Bihar and Haryana which have a lower social demographic index. So, there the air pollution is higher

Now we need to come out with National Clean Air Programme Which will reduce air pollution level in a time bound targeted manner

The plan should have time bound targets of 3,5 and 10 years goal achievement which makes industries and authorities accountable in a time bound manner

NCAP is not implemented yet, is it? Not yet but the process has started. And officially, it will launch in 2019.

The second big problem is that the household air pollution remains a huge big problem and it has been tackled very effectively by the Prime Minister's Ujwal Yojana

And data from this study will strengthen the hands of ministries to act more aggressively to tackle this problem