One India, One Vote Here’s what the fuss is all about

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The debate to hold simultaneous elections of the states with the general elections got heated

After rise of speculations of elections in 11 states with the general elections. This was put to rest by Amit Shah

The idea of One nation, one election is not new, after the partition the debate over the idea was kicked off during Indira Gandhi’s time.

The concept is favoured because it may reduce-


DISRUPTION TO NORMAL PUBLIC LIFE and Policy paralysis that comes with elections

Sounds great, Right? But many believe that simultaneous elections may end up undermining the states.

When it comes to elections the competition is at large between the regional and the national parties.

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Many believe that this system may undermine the power of the states

Many also fear that the national issues will dominate leaving the state issues in the background

Holding the elections together also has its logistical problems as pointed out by the Election Commission

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To have elections together many state assemblies will have to go to polls early, idea not favored by many, with Arvind Kejriwal rejecting the idea for Delhi

India also doesn’t have enough paper trail machines to implement the plan

So while the parties weigh in the benefits you decide which side you are on?