Technology provides many online games to play during quarantine

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Social distancing hasn't particularly been easy

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Being homebound with a lot of free time can get super boring, but we should always look out for the silver lining

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Here are a few online games to play with your friends while in quarantine:

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It is a drawing game where each player takes a turn sketching a word chosen from a bank while the other players guess what the word is

2. Codenames online

It strategy word game splits everyone into two teams. This challenges the players to relate words that have nothing to do with each other

3. Tabletopia Texas

Tabletopia is an online gaming platform with over 800 games. It is just one of many you can choose from.

4. PUBG Mobile

The usually long-tail mission is perfect for this time.

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5. Houseparty

Houseparty is an app that functions similarly to other video chatting apps, but there are games included that everyone on the call can play

6. UNO

Uno is a popular card game that is a lot of fun to play in a group. It can engage your entire family.

7. Chess, Carrom, Pool

If you are looking for some relaxing chill game, without much effort, these are the perfect games!

8. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Modern Combat is one gaming series you must definitely give a shot during the quarantine