Pakistan and 26-11

A Pakistani exposes Pakistan in Pakistan

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan was involved in 26/11 Mumbai attack

The attack killed 164 people and injured around 300 people

This statement has led to an uproar across the globe

India’s External Minister stated that finally Pakistan has accepted India’s claim of their involvement in the attack

While Pakistani military & political parties like PTI have criticised Sharif for selling out Pakistan

And the National Security Meeting (NSM) with Pakistan Prime Minister has termed...

...Sharif’s quote as incorrect & misleading

But the current Pakistani regime cannot erase the acceptance of Pakistan in the 26/11 attack

In Feb 2009, Pakistan’s Interior Minister accepted it’s country’s involvement in the Mumbai attack for the first time

After that, then National Security Advisor of Pakistan even accepted Pakistan’s involvement in the attack

Geo News did a sting operation in December, 2008 that proved the lone caught terrorist Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani

In 2009, General Parvez Musharraf stated that Pakistan shouldn’t hide 26/11 involvement

In 2011, Maj. Gen. Athar Abbas hinted at the involvement of retired ISI officers in the Mumbai Attack

In 2012, Imran Khan stated that he’ll bring justice to Mumbai perpetrators once he becomes Pakistan’s PM

But now his stance seems different like the Pakistani military as the General Elections loom in Pakistan

Will Pakistan ever act on getting justice for 26/11 attack victims?