Musical Vans to solve Patna's Garbage Problem

Imagine listening to music till you empty trash out of your house

In Patna, these musical vans run by Bihar Government which play loud music, are taking over residential areas

In the last 4 months, it has changed behaviour across Patna

The music doesn’t stop until local residents put the trash in the van

From Kailash Kher to local musicians - the music keeps you on your toes

People are left with no choice except for giving garbage to these vans

Earlier we used to throw garbage anywhere- now we wait for the garbage van to come

Now, the streets are cleaner than before

For now, there are 367 vehicles running on the roads of Patna.

It has two compartments : for dry waste and wet waste.

The green compartment is for dry waste whereas blue compartment is for wet waste

In the next episode, I will track where this waste goes and how it’s disposed off

What is your city doing to solve the waste crisis?

Video by: Ananya