A tweet chat on how to prevent family violence was organised by Pluc Tv in collaboration with Breakthrough India

India also saw a surge in domestic violence against women amid COVID-19 lockdown

The Women's Commission had received 58 complaints of domestic abuse from March 22 to April 30.

The guests for the tweet chat included Author, Kiran Manral ; National Commission for Women; Founder of SayftyCom, Dr. Shruti Kapoor and Digital Creator Pallavi Singh

Image Source: images.dawn

Here's a recap of the tweetchat:

The tweet chat started with the question that what does family violence mean to you?

According to NCW, any forms of violence that cause by/within the members of the family is family violence

Shruti says family Violence can pass from one generation to the next

Question 2: What impact is COVID-19 having on family violence survivors?

Domestic violence is on a rise during this period, says Kiran Manral

Security is another major concern, according to Pallavi Singh

During the lockdown, the survivors may not be able to access doctors or counsellors, says Dr. Shruti Kapoor

Question 3: How can bystanders take action against family violence?

Act of legal offense, says NCW

Buddy system can be helpful, says Pallavi Singh

Call 181/100 after seeking consent from victim, sayd Dr. Shruti Kapoor

Q4: Do you think family violence disproportionately affects women and girls?

Family violence does affect boys and men as well, says Kiran Manral

Q5: How can we ensure the efforts to prevent family violence are inclusive of all communities?

Acknowledge domestic violence can happen to anyone: Dr. Shruti Kapoor

More conversations, more awareness: Pallavi Singh

Laws need to be gender neutral: Kiran Manral