Australian bushfire 2019 is one of the most catastrophic events in the country’s history

Image Source: Twitter

Nearly 20 million acres of land have burnt across the country

Image Source: Twitter

1 Billion Animals Have Reportedly Died in Australia’s Wildfires

Image Source: national geographic

Among the destruction, people have come out to save the dying animals

Image Source: The New York Times

Small acts of heroism have saved many animal lives

Image Source: AAP

A group of cyclists in Australia were stopped by a very thirsty Koala bear

Image Source: Instagram/bikebug2019

Sam McGlone, a travel filmmaker shared a video of himself rescuing a baby kangaroo from the wildfires

Image Source: Instagram/sammcglone

A firefighter feeds water to a very thirsty Koala Bear

Image Source: Instagram

This Kangaroo couldn't stop hugging the volunteer who saved her life

Image Source: Twitter/UrgentNews911

Two teenagers drove around to rescue stressed out koalas

Image Source: Instagram

Meet Bear who is an IFAW koala bear detection dog that goes into bushfire areas searching for surviving koalas

Image Source: Twitter/Jonstubbo

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