India is set to impose a nationwide ban on plastic bags, cups, and straws on October 2

Here are the lists of plastic items banned:

Image Source: eco-business

1. Less than 200ml PET bottles

2. Plastic water pouch

3. Plastic bags

Image Source: BBC

4. One time use/ single-use disposal items made of Thermocol or plastics

Image Source: Moneylife

5. Disposal dish or bowl used for packaging food

6. Use of plastics and thermocol for decoration purposes

Though some of the items can still be used:

Image Source: BBC

1. PET bottles of 200ml or more

Image Source: India Mart

2. Manufacture of plastic and plastic bags for export purposes

3. Plastic packaging material > 50-micron thickness and 2 gm weight

4. Compostable plastic bags

5. Paper-based carton packing > 1 layer

Image Source: Daily Reporter

6. Recyclable multi layered plastics

7. Plastics used for domestic purposes

Image Source: Alamy

You have six months to give up plastic! After that:

Image Source: McKinsey

1. First offence: Rs. 5000 fine, Second offence: Rs. 10000 fine

Image Source: Reuters

Third offence: Rs. 25000 fine and 3 months imprisonment