The rise of fake news around the COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented

Image Source: Indian Express

Fake news is travelling much faster than the coronavirus in India

Even since India's 1st case was reported, social media has been rife with fake posts, rumours and theories

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Here are some of the fake news that went around this week (11th May-15th May):

1. A video is being shared claiming that Muslims flouted the lockdown rules and offered Namaz

Fact Check:

The claim is 'Misleading' as the viral video was captured on March 20, five days before the lockdown was announced.


A post is being circulated saying that workers who worked between the years 1990-2020, have the right to receive a benefit of Rs 1,20,000 from the Ministry of Labour and Employment

Fact check:

The Press Information Bureau (PIB), in a tweet, clarified that the message in question is fake and the government has announced no such schemes.


Multiple posts shared claim that wearing a face mask for an extended time could cause hypercapnia, a condition caused by a buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood

Fact check:

Health experts in Thailand have said that as of May 2020, there is no evidence that wearing a mask for a long period can cause hypercapnia

Image Source: PTI


A graphic circulated, attributes a claim to the WHO saying that no vegetarian is “affected by coronavirus”

Fack check:

In a statement given to international news agency AFP, India’s WHO representative Supriya Bezbaruah had rubbished this claim.


A video of an overcrowded train is being shared with a claim that it is carrying migrant workers from Mumbai to West Bengal.

Fact check:

According to The Quint, this was a Special Train, which was arranged to carry devotees who had come to attend the Bishwa Ijtema 2018

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