PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation for the 5th time following the outbreak of COVID-19

Modi lauded India's effort in dealing with the pandemic, saying the country has turned the tragedy into an opportunity

India is now making 200,000 PPEs and 200,000 N95 masks daily, says PM Modi.

India can become self-reliant, he said

He listed five pillars for a self-reliant India:

Economy, Infrastructure, Tech-driven System, Vibrant Demography and Demand

He further announced Rs 20,00,000 crore package to make India self-sufficient focusing on land, labour, liquidity and laws

This is about 10% of the country's GDP and is aimed at the middle class, the business community and the honest tax payer.

PM Modi also pitched for local products: "Every Indian must be vocal for local"

He said, "Now we have to move forward with a new life force, new determination"

He also said the details of lockdown 4.0 will be announce before 18th May