When millions have hit the streets, can musicians sit quiet?

Whether its against CAA or the JNU mob attack, musicians are protesting through their music

Image Source: Francis Mascarenhas / Reuters

Here are some of the thought provoking songs:

1. 'Scalp Dem' By Delhi Sultanate x Seedhe Maut

It highlight the atrocities committed against Dalits and Muslims in the name of religion, the persecution of minorities by Hindutva elements and the oppressive rule by the pro-Hindu, right-wing government

Image Source: azadi records

2. 'Tukde Tukde Gang?' By Madara

According to him, it's not the protesting people, but the “sold-out journalists”, “those silent on rape”, the people “sowing divisions within the country” who are the real tukde tukde gang

3. ‘KRANTIKARI’ By Park Circus

The rap ridicules the lies posed by the opposers of the protests and celebrates the spirit with which people have taken to the streets to protect the secular fabric of the nation

4. 'ANDOLAN' By naqaab47 x Shoals

Naqaab47’s rap over Shoals’ electronic collage sets out to condemn the actions of the current regime and encourage the people standing up to protect the constitutional values

5. 'The Police' By Rahul Rajkhowa

This maybe the most personal track on this list as hailing from Assam, the young rapper's family had first-hand experienced the violence that has ensued since CAA and NRC were rolled out