Snapchat will be hosting 'Snap in India Event' on 21st Oct at 5pm

It will be a celebration of the storytellers, creators and brands...

...bringing their creativity and expertise to Snapchat to serve the community in India

The speakers include Evan Spiegel Co-Founder & CEO; Jared Grusd Chief Strategy Officer; Vanessa Guthrie Director, Content Snap Inc...

...Durgesh Kaushik, Head of India Market Development Snap Inc.; Juhi Bhatnagar, Strategy and Business Development Lead, India and Hardik Shah Official, Lens Creator

'Snapchat in India Keynote' will be a virtual presentation from their leadership team and reveal new products and partnerships in India

In the Live Lens Studio Workshop, learn about how easy it is to get started making powerful AR experiences with Lens Studio

To register, click here