The BJP calls it 'Unimplementable’, here are the 13 top takeaways from the Congress Manifesto:

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Flanked by his mother Sonia Gandhi and former PM Manmohan Singh and P Chidambaram, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi launched the Congress Manifesto

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The Congress Government will eliminate poverty through the Nyay scheme by 2030 which would help the economy which got “jammed” due to the demonetisation move by the BJP


The manifesto also promises to reserve 33 % seats in the Lok Sabha and the State Legislative Assemblies and also reserve 33 % of all posts/vacancies in the Central Government for women

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The Congress promises to create an estimated 10 lakh new Seva Mitra positions in every gram panchayat and urban local body besides persuading the state governments to fill their 22 lakh vacancies


The Congress president said that entrepreneurs will not have to seek any permission for first 3 years for their businesses. As per the manifesto, businesses with over 100 employees will be asked to implement an apprenticeship programme.


Rahul Gandhi also said that there should be a separate budget for farmers


The Congress has also promised to allocate six per cent of budget for education.


On coming to power, public healthcare will be improved so that the poor will have access to high quality healthcare services. "We will double expenditure on healthcare to 3 % of GDP by 2023-24," claims the manifesto


If voted to power, the Congress says it will offer 150 days of employment under NREGA against the current 100 days provision

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Besides this, the Congress manifesto has promised to review the controversial AFSPA that gives unprecedented power to security forces in disturbed zones like J&K and some parts of the North East.

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The Congress has also promised to bring fuel under GST within two years

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Congress said that it will abolish the opaque electoral bonds introduced by the NDA Government and set up a National Election Fund that will be allocated at the time of elections to recognised political parties.

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It has also promised to bring the Right to Homestead Act to provide a piece of land for every rural house-hold that does not own a home or own land on which a house may be built.

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Congress has also promised to hold unconditional talks with all stakeholders in J&K

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