Union Health Ministry has issued home isolation guidelines

It states that only ‘pre-symptomatic Coronavirus patients or the ones with ‘very mild’ symptoms can opt for home isolation

The health ministry has issued a list of dos and don'ts for the Covid-19 patients opting for self-isolation at home:

Image Source: PTI

For self-isolation, the person needs to stay in a separate specific room and must have a 24-hour attendant


For a patient to qualify for the self-isolation a Covid-19 patient must:

1. Be clinically assigned as a very mild case/ pre-symptomatic case by the treating medical officer.

2. Must have a caregiver to provide care on a 24 x7 bases.

3. The caregiver and all close contacts of such cases should take Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis as per protocol

4. Download Arogya Setu App on mobile and it should remain active at all times

When to discontinue home isolation?

Patients under home isolation will end home isolation if symptoms are clinically resolved