What does BJP’s WhatsApp group for Karnataka election look like?

BJP may not have formed the government in Karnataka single handedly

But they single handedly ruled the digital India battle leading up to the elections

Not through Twitter or Facebook but through WhatsApp

One of the messages that exposed BJP’s WhatsApp group was the BBC survey

Both Congress & BJP by the end of the campaigns had a total of 50,000 WhatsApp groups

But BJP was way ahead of any party because they started their campaign an year back in May 2017

In May, 2017 BJP had 500 WhatsApp groups, 100 trained officials...

... 25000 IT cell members & 85000 registered members in Karnataka

The link to join the Karnataka WhatsApp groups for various roles was circulated

By the end of the elections, BJP had formed a WhatsApp group in each constituency in Karnataka with 80-100 members

In the 2017 Uttar Pradesh Elections too BJP had created more than 6000 WhatsApp groups

India’s WhatsApp user base is above 200 million

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that BJP is performing well in the state elections

But catching fake news on it becomes tough as it’s an opaque system

Will WhatsApp play a crucial role leading up to the general elections of 2019 as well?