In old Delhi, there is traditional of sitting on the floor and eating

In our homes there are bedsheets loaded with pillows

There is one special type of pillow called “ghau takiya “

Small pillows like this are available in much bigger sizes as well

This tradition of bedsheet, pillow and sitting on the floor is common in Old Delhi.

In the Redfort museum, you’ll see Bahudar Shah Zafar pillow way bigger than this.

This is the way we sit and rest our back on the pillow.

Now a days people sit on the pillow, pillows are not meant for sitting

Even in our childhood when we used to sit on pillow parents scolded us

Earlier there is used to be only pure white bed sheet & it was so white that people used to compare it with moon light

That’s why it was called Chandni

Carpets were laid beneath the sheets to keep it intact.