This Music Has Taken Over Uttar Pradesh

Om Shankar

People know me as DJ Deepu. I am studying at the moment

Vibration music

Presently, in Allahabad, there is a lot of craze for vibration music.

Vibration music started 2 years ago here. When we played on a bigger setup, we realised people started shaking.

when we started using big speakers we felt the vibration better. Slowly, the demand for this music increased.Now, every other person uses it.

You must have seen maximum 3 speakers together.We setup almost 100 to 150 speakers at a time.

In religious programs, people book DJs. Then, there is a competition between them.

On the festival of Ramnavmi, most of the dialogues will be on lord Ram.Some people stand in front of the Masjid and play these songs which I think is wrong.

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