The Rajya Sabha passed the Transgender Persons’ (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 on November 25

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But, it has not gone down well with the transgender community.

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The community even staged protests expressing their anger against the Bill

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But, what is wrong with the transgender bill?

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1. According to the bill:

A transgender person must apply to the District Magistrate for a certificate of identity indicating their gender as “transgender”

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Also, if a transgender person undergoes surgery to change their gender, a revised certificate may be obtained

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At this point, the District Magistrate will examine the “correctness” of the medical certificate issued

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If the individual is denied the certificate, no appeal or review can be done

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This is a direct violation as NALSA (National Legal Services Authority)...

...affirms the right to self-determination of any gender without a medical certificate.

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While the Bill prohibits discrimination, it does not include a detailed definition of ‘discrimination’ that transgender persons face.

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3. The Bill also does not define the acts that constitute sexual offenses, making it complicated to report such crimes.

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It does not provide for reservation in education and employment for transgender persons.

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An activist protesting against the bill said,

"We request the President not to sign this bill. It treats us as non-equals and violates some of our fundamental individual rights".

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