Testing for COVID-19 has begun to ramp up in recent weeks

Image Source: PTI

Giant commercial labs have jumped into the effort, drive-up testing sites have been established in some places

But, why COVID 19 test take close 2 days to give results?

1. Sample Collection

This is a first step. Swabs are taken from a person's nose and throat.

2. Sample Transport

These are taken to Bio safety level 2. Here, samples are barcoded and tagged with requisite data.

Image Source: Bloomberg

3. RNA Collection

The sample is then taken to the extraction room where lab technicians use kits to extract the actual RNA samples.

4. Machine Run

The extracted RNA samples are run into a device called RT-PCR machine. It determines in real time the signature of the RNA.

5. Results

The signatures are represented as graphs which are then matched with the signatures of the Sars-Cov-2

6. Reporting

Once confirmed, the results are reported further.