Why is Delhi getting rid of 16,000 trees?

More than 16,000 trees might be cut down in Delhi

This is being done under compensatory afforestation

Delhi needs afforestation but not at the cost of destroying trees

It's ridiculous we're okay with all forms of "development"

It's a breakdown of humanity

I am standing in what was G Block in Netaji Nagar

Many trees have been cut & razed down here

More than 16000 trees across Nauroji Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Netaji Nagar & Kidwai Nagar

Citizens were not consulted, which is crucial under Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

Sarojini Nagar's clearance hasn't been passed & we don't want it to

A PIL has been filed & will be heard on Monday

We have more activities planned for the next two days

Some people also want to Chipko (hug the trees to prevent people from cutting down)

We hope a better sense prevails & trees get saved