Over 1200 restaurants de-listed themselves from Zomato Gold dine-out programme

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On August 15, the restaurants decided to log out of Zomato, Dineout, EazyDiner, Nearbuy and other such apps

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The restaurants claimed that programmes such as Zomato Gold, Infinity Dining and offers from other players are hurting their business

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The campaign is led by the National Restaurants Association of India (NRAI)

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NRAI said that 300 restaurants in Gurugram have already logged out from these mobile applications

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In July 2019, Zomato launched Infinity Dining where one can order anything from the entire menu with unlimited servings at a fixed cost

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Similarly, Dineout offers Gourmet Passport, a membership programme that gives you a buy-one-get-one on buffets, food and drinks etc

Nearbuy also has discount coupons for various restaurants

NRAI president Rahul Singh said that discounts and freebies create a negative consumer perception

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“The restaurateurs have come together to detox consumers from discount addiction.” he said

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Riyaaz Amlani, past president of NRAI said,”Restaurants want to build a relationship with the customers. But here it is just about discounts, not loyalty.”

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In a series of tweets, Zomato founder Deepinder Goyal appealed to restaurant owners to stop the #LogOut campaign

NRAI will be meeting with the companies to find a better solution

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