The Lok Sabha passed a bill seeking to empower the transgender community by providing them a separate identity

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The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill was proposed in the parliament in 2014 with the purpose of protecting the rights of the trans community

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Fours years on, the Lok Sabha has made 27 amendments and passed the bill on December 17, and yet, the community doesn’t feel ‘protected’ by it

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The transgender community in India has been agitating ever since the government passed the bill

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It comes as discriminatory towards the Trans-community

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The bill has multiple issues :

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The bill criminalises ‘begging’, which has long been the primary source of income of the community

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It takes away the trans person power to self determine their gender,

And it forcefully rehabilitate them with their biological families of shelter homes

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The bill effectively takes away their source of living without providing a sure alternative

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The trans community has demanded that the Bill be redrafted or withdrawn

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Akkai Padmashali, transgender rights activist, said, “When you don’t find the need to assess the gender of a man or woman, why do you need to identify the gender of a trans person? This is a transphobic bill.”

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We need to recognise transgenders' identity" as it goes beyond male and female, Tharoor said, adding the government has "blindly" borrowed the definition of transgenders