Why women don't make on the Forbes 100 Athletes List

No sportswomen features in the Forbes 100 Highest Paid Athletes

And we aren't even surprised

In 2017, Serena Williams was the only featured female athlete

But she took a break during her pregnancy...

...& didn't make the list this year

This rekindles the question of equal pay in sports for both men & women

Novak Djokovic argued men should get paid more in tennis in 2017...

...as they attract better crowds & ads for the tournament

But that isn't entirely true

Serena Williams has earned $81.7 million in prize money by winning 39 grand slam titles

While Djokovic has $108.8 million in 12 grand slam titles

Virat Kohli is the 15th highest paid athlete in terms of endorsement

With fewer endorsements how are women in sports suppose to get visibility?