University students from all over the country are protesting in Delhi

Over 25,000 students from over 50 student unions and universities from across the nation came together and took to the streets in New Delhi to demand dignified employment and affordable education as they carried out the Young India Adhikaar March

PM Narendra Modi's promise of 2 crore jobs for the youth turning out to be hollow, one of the demands of the March was addressing the unemployment crisis by filling all vacant government jobs with the youth

And if the government fails to do so, enabling an allowance of at least 80,000 per month for the youth

The youth want an end to gender discriminatory rules in university spaces, affordable and available girls hostel anti sexual harassment cells that are effective

Another demand was spending 10% of the GDP on education. A consistent demand through the March, through chants of the students was ending saffronisation of education


In recent times, there have been numerous attacks on university spaces and on campuses when voices of decend have been raised by students and they want academic insurance and freedom of expression in campuses is insured for the students

I think this is only going to pave way for such students and ordinary citizen led movement that will transform the country