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Jugal Kishore

Adolescents go through several changes in their bodies and sometimes it is not all that easy to have no answers. In this episode of Attention Please, Dr Jugal Kishore, Director Professor and Head of Department at Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, talks about the different ways in which a doctor can provide the right information to […]

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Devesh Chopra

Do you think if you don’t share information about sex, contraceptives and other birds and bees, the adolescents will never find out? In this episode of Attention Please, we talk to an SRH educator to learn how the terms “sex” and “sexuality” carry a lot of stigmas and taboo and are considered culturally sensitive areas […]

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In India, if you have a question about your body and need guidance on sexual health? Where can one go? An Adolescent Friendly Health Clinic is a one-stop shop that can prove as a helpful resource for young adults but how many adolescents really know about it? And more importantly are they accessible? This episode […]

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