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Garvit Bhirani

Gurugram citizens hold a ‘Funeral’ to save Aravallis.

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If the Haryana government goes against the directions of the supreme court and ignores the demands of the citizens to protect the Aravallis and makes the newly amended Punjab land preservation act a law, all this rich bird and wildlife will be rendered homeless and there will be increased man-made animal conflicts.

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Tarushi Agrawal

The PLPA of 1900 provides legal protection to forests and trees on the community, municipal and private lands. With the Haryana PLPA amendment, environmentalists fear that much of the Aravalli hills will open up for mining and construction. We interacted with a few students about the importance of Aravalli hills, climate change and pollution and […]

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Tamseel Hussain

Teenagers understand the future of Gurugram & Aravalli

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