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Dr. Sparsh Kumar

One creator who loves to tell stories with his mobile phone. A storyteller who happens to be a full-time doctor and is a legit COVID-19 frontline warrior, meet Dr Sparsh Kumar, who has been documenting his journey on the frontlines and creating reels to advocate COVID appropriate behaviour. As a creator with Pluc, this is […]

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Kunwar Hari Om

Thinking of writing your story and sharing it with the world? Want to be on camera and share your story like a pro? Hari Om has you covered. An engineer who began creating content when he met Pluc’s team, Hari Om wanted to carve out a niche – a unique voice for his audience and […]

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Guddi Gupta

We were so afraid of facing the camera but today, in our confession box, we tell Champa all the secrets about our struggles with the digital divide after the COVID-19 pandemic. Meet Guddi Gupta and her gang of friends from Navi Mumbai who are confessing about their troubles with the internet and the digital gap […]

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Devesh Chopra

Neel Ranaut prefers the term village fashion influencer to best describe their curation and content creation skills that first brought him on the map. A viral TikTok and now Instagram creator, Neel’s creates no-cost versions of celebrity outfits. The small town influencer from Tripura who slays the ‘who wore it better’ version, got to walk […]

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