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Priyali Sur

Here’s some big and important news – the government of India opened up vaccination for pregnant women on June 25, 2021. But how was this made possible? Meet Priyali Sur, an independent journalist who is behind this collective success. What prompted her to do this? Priyali contracted COVID during her second trimester of the pregnancy. […]

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Vijay Grover

Are you worried about taking the vaccine? But what is AEFI? And why is everyone talking about it? Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI) means any adverse event taking place after a vaccine is administered. Dr Chandra Vardhan assures us that there is no reason for anyone to be afraid of the vaccine as the government […]

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Dr. Naveen Thacker

Have you got your first shot? Are you thinking why do we need 2 doses of the COVID vaccine? Dr Naveen Thacker answers your question!

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Team Halo

What is appropriate behaviour after getting the covid vaccine? What all is allowed and what’s not. Dr. Bhaskar Das explains

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