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Kurinji Selvaraj

In the last 2 months, over 74,000 fires were observed in Punjab compared to 44,000 in 2019 and 57,000 in […]

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Sandeep Singh

#PlucCreator Sandeep Singh, explores the state by traveling to more than 15 villages and talking to people about a lot of issues they are facing. Stories he has worked on include why are young Punjabis illegally immigrating to America & Canada and why the Punjab's stray Cow Crisis Is becoming dangerous

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Jaskaran Singh

The inspiring story of a community that is on a mission to grow small forest. Eco Sikh is on a […]

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Shubham Gupta

At People Like Us Create (PLUC), we’re constantly building storytelling communities. This particular story talks about our project in Punjab, […]

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