The Pashu Sakhis S1 EP2

Women’s path to financial independence

Published on May 05, 2023


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Thousands of women in rural India are opting for poultry farming and finding empowerment through this means of supplementary income. In the long term, the hope is that backyard poultry farming will help address poverty, hunger, and malnutrition throughout rural India. Nudge is dedicated to empowering women to diversify their livelihoods and achieve financial independence. Sakheena and Sheela are just two examples of women who have benefitted from joining The Nudge and starting their own businesses. Sakheena used her income from poultry farming to transform it into capital and expand into three businesses, including buffalo and chicken farming, as well as owning a general store. Sheela started with just one goat and now has six, with profits up to Rs 20,000. With the right opportunities and training, any woman can achieve financial independence and improve their lives. Check out the second episode of The Pashu Sakhis to see how they accomplished this in less than a year and found their path to entrepreneurship.

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