Women Who Lead S1 EP2

The women on the field

Published on Apr 02, 2023


Show Creator

Muskaan Arora

Muskaan Arora has been with Sewa for almost 6 years now and her main gig is working in healthcare to raise awareness. Like a lot of women, she signed up for Sewa's training on mosquito-related diseases, TB, and coronavirus. With a 7-month-old baby by her side, Muskaan took on the challenges in the field like a boss. She made sure to prioritize surveys and continue her work. Alka, on the other hand, was a bit hesitant to leave her comfort zone. But over time, she found the courage to step up and start talking to more people around her. And now, she's a team leader who oversees the Akla block. Alka and Muskaan are both on a mission to empower more health workers and build a healthier society. Watch the second episode of Women Who Lead as they take you on a journey of what’s it like to empower women at the grassroots level in the health sector.

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