EV, OK Please S1 EP4

Powering Forward: Battery Swapping and Chargers

Published on Jul 19, 2023


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How will we cater to a rising demand of EVs? How will the battery charging infrastructure be built? How can battery swapping help?’ If these are some of the questions that you have when it comes to EVs, then fret not! We have got you answers directly from industry experts, to help you understand how it will all turn out.

In this episode of #EVOKPlease, we have Zypp’s Akash Gupta and Chargeup’s Varun Goenka along with Pawan Mulukutla from WRI, addressing all your battery-related questions around EVs. And before you watch the episode, here’s another question for you to ponder upon: Is battery swapping a better alternative to charging stations?

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