Reimagining India S1 EP11

Unity in diversity in a crisis

Published on Jun 30, 2020


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Stories of the difficulties of jobless migrants have dominated headlines in India ever since the lockdown began on March 25. But while stories have emerged of hunger and misery of the migrant workers across the country, there are many good Samaritans who have reached out to tens of thousands of migrants who headed back to their villages from cities and towns across India.

In the united spirit of India, people of different faiths joined hands to offer relief and food to these migrant workers in their hour of distress. Mercy Mission was one such faith-based organization that worked along with the government to provide meals to the migrants leaving Bengaluru. Apart from food and water, Musadiq Saab, a 69-year-old volunteer with the organisation, distributed sweet lime juice among the workers, saying "they are like my children". United Sikhs, a Sikh voluntary group, also stepped in, as did Akshay Patra, supported by the Hare Krishna movement, and Loving the Migrant Workers, a Christian volunteer group, besides many individuals, who were moved by the plight of the migrant workers and joined in the relief work. As Rahul George, a Christian volunteer, said: "One of the greatest learning experiences was to learn from people of other faith. It was something exemplary."

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