Behind the Art S1 EP23

Dystopia, hybridisation and the wildest art you will see out there

Published on Oct 23, 2021


Show Creator

Aditi Agarwal

This urban life inspires all of us in different ways. Meet Aditi Aggarwal, a young artist in Delhi who has been juggling with her mediums drawing from dystopian worlds, hybridising her concepts on her canvas and using elements from her every day life in the metropolitan city. While painting she tends to de-structure the image into several layers to see the possibilities in juxtapositions and separations. For Aditi, it is very necessary that the visual should be unified. The course of painting itself gives birth to new forms, which she feels dictates different dimensional spaces, bringing the surface alive with movement and life. Aditi's sole aim is to create visuals resonating with energy that are a personal mapping of her process.

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