Winning Covid-19 S1 EP26

Violence against doctors: A wake-up call

Published on Jun 08, 2021


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Dr. Sparsh Kumar

Doctors have been working round the clock whether it has been in COVID Care Centres or COVID-19 wards. Despite their hard work and non-stop commitment to their profession, people across India have shown limited gratitude to their tribe. How can we ensure that our doctors have a safe environment to treat the patients battling for their lives? A doctor has helped every one of us during and even before the pandemic. Yet today they're facing disrespect and violence. Let's begin a different movement. One where we highlight the amazing work of these doctors. Did a doctor make a difference in your life? Share that story with us today by clicking on the link in bio or commenting below. Here is a plea from Dr Sparsh all the way from Mumbai that will resonate across all communities of healthcare workers. One simple request - help us, help you.

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