Pawsome S1 EP2

Sustainable buying habits, anyone?

Published on Oct 04, 2021


Show Creator

Archita Shah

Have you checked the label of the t-shirt you are wearing or did you know if your food came from a sustainable farm? How often do we look at sustainable practices being followed when it comes to the consumerism in the pet industry? The answer might not be that great. In the second episode of Pawsome, Archita takes us through a journey of looking for a sustainable life and finding the right balance in consumerism for the animals on this planet. Before shopping always question, do you need a product? So, once you are sure of that you really want to purchase that product and you are really in need of it, then only should you shop for it. Your choice can steer you away from supporting factory farming and your one step brings you closer to the environment as well. Let's switch gears and support sustainable farming, share your #Pawsome stories only on Pluc.TV

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