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‘Tamed Tuskers’ draws your attention towards shrinking elephant habitats

Published on Jan 31, 2022


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Nikita Bishnoi

A rapid growth in India’s development and the human population has created an anthropogenic pressure within and around elephant habitats which has led to the loss of their traditional corridors of movement. In India, a large portion of the elephant corridors have been encroached by various human mediated activities. Surviving in the fragmented habitat that they have at their disposal in India today necessitates crossing human-dominated landscapes. Such physical rapprochement generates everyday conflict, especially devastate crops, destroy fragile homes & accidentally kill villagers. Senthil Kumaran is a documentary photographer and Filmmaker who has been documenting human-animal conflict straight from the fields for over a decade. With a keen interest in elephants, Kumaran documented ‘Tamed Tuskers’ series to draw our attention towards their shrinking habitats. The digital showcase of the artist works are available at

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