Green Mapping S1 EP1

How urban spaces plan green cover and why is it missing for so many of us

Published on Dec 11, 2021


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Rudra Sharma

With the overcrowding of cities green spaces are being lost. The increasing cases of health disorders due to urban pollution reminds us of the need of a greener urban cover. Three urban planners from Kolkata, Chennai and Jaipur talk about the condition of green covers in these cities. Even for a country with a strong history of cultural ecology, environmental degradation has managed to seep in rather firmly making urban green spaces more relevant than before. Urban green spaces have a direct connection with urban health and quality of living.

Farmlands were acquired for increasing housing stock, indigenous populations were sidetracked for clearing forests for its commercial advantages and the benefits of preserving ecological precincts underestimated. These urban planners shed a light on the limited amount of green covers in the cities and need of green cover in the urban areas and emphasized upon the need of covering a third of the city with greenery.

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