Shabnam, The Diva S1 EP3

Mujhe ghar nahi jana

Published on Jul 29, 2023


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In this gripping third episode, Shabnam courageously delves into her complex relationship with her brother, sharing the painful transformation from protector to perpetrator as he began making derogatory remarks about her sexuality and drag identity. Nitish, having faced repeated demands to cease his drag performances from his brother, spiralled into a state of deep trauma, contemplating suicide. However, in a profound moment of redemption, Shabnam emerged as Nitish's saviour, inspiring him to give life another chance.

Amidst the narrative, the story unfolds at a vibrant party where Nitish introduces us to a circle of friends. Engaging in candid conversations, Nitish and his friends discuss their perspectives on homosexuality within the LGBTQ community. Nitish sheds light on the struggles of inner homophobia, the issue of bottom shaming within the gay community, and the challenges of dating as a drag queen.

Through Nitish's raw vulnerability and Shabnam's empowering message, this episode resonates with individuals in the LGBTQ community who have faced similar trials. It serves as a reminder that even amidst trauma and adversity, one has the ability to transform their life and find hope. Join us as we navigate the intricate dynamics of relationships, resilience, and friendship within the world of drag and the LGBTQ community.

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