Hari Om's ultimate guide to content creation

Published on Oct 12, 2021

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Kunwar Hari

Thinking of writing your story and sharing it with the world? Want to be on camera and share your story like a pro? Hari Om has you covered. An engineer who began creating content when he met Pluc's team, Hari Om wanted to carve out a niche - a unique voice for his audience and map out how content creation progress from a beginner's stage to a professional creator's level. But what does it take to become a good content creator? How do I become one that people in the industry would turn to for advice? It all starts with what you do before you put your fingers to a keyboard. Creating great content that really clicks with your target audience requires you to know what's going on in your industry. And that is Hari Om's secret mantra behind the relatable stories he churns out. Do you want to find your own voice? Don't waste another minute, simply join Hari Om and our tribe - become a creator with Pluc.TV

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