What reporting on rapes and sexual-based violence taught me about India

Published on Jun 12, 2021


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Is this a nation for its women? When did India become the land of rapes? Safety of women in India has been negotiated for far too long. Priyanka Dubey, an independent journalist, sits down in a conversation to explore what really goes on in reporting sexual-based violence and crimes against women in the country. How can we ensure that we have more balanced reportage of gender issues? And are we really that limited to reporting on women only when a crime happens? With an experience of over a decade in investigating and reporting on corrective rapes, sexual assaults and the long march for social justice for rape survivors, Priyanka examines the internalised patriarchy, the social constructs and the manifestation of the same in her own life as she compiled the stories for her book No Nation for Women.

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