The Crazy Indian Startup Story: एक बिज़नेस आईडिया है

Published on Mar 08, 2021

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With a blooming community of over 200 women in 4 districts of Uttar Pradesh, Social Saheli brings you a snapshot of their journey and a countless trail of exciting business ideas. Meet the women of self-help groups who are taking over the digital world to tell their stories and debut with their products. The Sahelis have a long list of products that are waiting to be discovered - cushion covers, bags, dresses, decorative items, sarees, LED lights, fan accessories, sanitary napkins and more. Each of these women is carving their path to financial inclusion and self-reliance one business idea at a time. Celebrating women in leadership roles who have struck out despite all the odds. Do you know a Social Saheli? Share their story with us.

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