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The world watches in horror as Afghanistan has fallen. Afghanistan is in turmoil. The country has been taken over by Taliban insurgents, as the world watches in horror. Thousands of Afghan residents are attempting to flee the country. Scenes of chaos and desperation could be seen at the Afghanistan airport and the borders of the country. The world is also witnessing a tragic humanitarian crisis as thousands of locals are fleeing the country, seeking refuge. There have been protests and peace marches in many countries, demanding an end to the violence. With the hardline Taliban taking over Afghanistan, it is also being feared that many girls and women would not be able to move freely within the country. What is even more shocking is the absence of women attempting to flee the country, making netizens all over the world questioning #WhereAreTheWomenInAfghanistan. This crisis will continue to escalate as thousands of Afghan nationals and security forces are desperately attempting to escape from the country. Worried about the people of Afghanistan? Share your thoughts on the humanitarian crisis with us only on pluc.tv