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Kunwar Hari Om

Meet this rapper from Dharavi who has been creating a sensation with his rapping style. He narrates his experience of writing for past 5 years. He also sings a rap on politics

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DJ Deepu

Meet the sensation of Uttar Pradesh-DJ Deepu who is winning the hearts of people with his vibration music

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Sandeep Singh

This chemist from Punjab has got all the swag and is also a singer. He works as a chemist at a medical store and uses the money earned to fulfill his dreams.

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Thupden Gurung

Meet Santosh Gandarba, a street magician from Gangtok who has been winning hearts with his Sarangi music. His journey began when a random passerby took his video singing Channa Mereya which immediately became viral and grabbed attention of music director Pritam Da and Santosh was called to Mumbai, where he recorded some samples of his […]

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